Image Stitching

Run main() in to have a pop-up file chooser. Select the folder that contains the images you want to stitch and it will:
NOTE: for Java stiching there are two options: #1 is to run main() in This is pretty good, but if there are more than 20-30 images it won't work. Option #2 is main() in this only seems to work using the ORB feature detector on macOS.

If you are new to python make sure this entire project is downloaded onto your computer and then open up terminal and navigate to the directory containing and type (no quotes) "python3". If you do not have python3 try just "python". On windows open command prompt and you might have to just type "py" instead of python.

Other Files

  • palettes/ contains files for describing how to color an ir image. Each line is a color in YCbCr color space. First line describes the coldest color, last line the warmest
  • everything in typescript-ir/ is a demo of changing the palette of an image and displaying temperature data where a user clicks. It is the first thing I actually wrote using typescript and can be seen here
  • provides a class for doing cool things with images like identifying & changing the palette of ir images, removing the black border that appears after stitching images together, edge detection, creating mixed infrared and visible light images, and more!
    • There are three types of mixed images you can create. mx1, mx2, and mx3
  • is used to change the colors of an ir image so that in a group of ir images the same colors mean the same temperatures in all the images
  • is useful.
  • is what uses to stitch images together into a panorama
  • is old and shouldn't be used
Infrared Street View
IR Street View 2