Concord, MA

Hi. Welcome to my glob. This is the VFD. It could stand for the Very First Declaration that I put on this blog. It could stand for something else.

I was thinking of having some sort of cool animation thing where the "glob" at the top of the page might start out as globe and then the “e” disappears and then the “g” and the “b” switch, but I'm too focused on getting this blog up first to worry about that.

Ok, so let me introduce myself. My name is Amos. If you don't already know me why are you reading this? That isn't meant to be mean — but seriously — how did you find this and why would you be reading a few globs of thought from some kid you don't know? I'm genuinely curious and quite flattered.

You can check out some coding projects on my github but as of right now some of my best work still isn’t up there. Maybe I’ll be adding that stuff up there later, and if I do, I’ll write a post about it. But you can see some of the websites I have created here.

Instagram: @momodecker